Bloomingdale Families,

As you know, it is my goal to keep parents informed. Recently, I have learned of the Tik Tok Devious Licks challenge. These challenges encourage students to do devious activities, record them, and post them to social media. I wanted to share some information with you about “upcoming” TiK Tok challenges that have been reported to the press. See below for an excerpt of an article that is circulating online. 

October’s challenge is to slap a teacher, in November you have to kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school, then in December, you have to show your breasts in the school hall. January is apparently the month to jab a girl, and in February you have to mess up school signs. Then, in March, you have to make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria. 

It is important that all students know that there could be major consequences for their actions. For instance, if a student “slaps a teacher” they could face suspension, expulsion, and/or even charges filed against them. Please talk to your student and stress to them the importance of making good choices. Please remind your child that decisions they make now may seem “cool” or “popular” but can have a major impact on their future.

We know that we have amazing students here at Bloomingdale! We also understand that young people are impressionable and sometimes make decisions impulsively. Please talk with your students about making good decisions and remind them that anything they post on social media is not private and could have a lasting impact on them, as well as others. We appreciate your support!


Dr. Deanna Dobbins, Ed.D.

Bloomingdale Superintendent