Transportation Request Form

Victor Gonzales
Bus Garage

Chris Serdel
Director of Operations

Brittany Butler-Hosier
Assistant to Transportation Director

The transportation office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

On the left you will find a transportation request that can be filled out for your students to obtain busing. Hover over the image and click the title to open in a new window. Please provide 3-5 days processing time for new requests.

If you need to make a short term change (i.e. your student going to a friend’s home, after-school care for a couple days), please ensure the following apply:

  • The requested drop off location is currently a stop on an established route.

  • You have written a request for busing change and provided to the building secretary or transportation office.

  • A responsible adult at the drop off location has written a request for the change and provided to the building secretary or transportation office.


Please have your students(s) at the designated bus stop 10 minutes prior to your student(s) pick up time, which will be sent to you via postcard at the end of August. If the student(s) are not visible 200 feet from the stop, the bus driver will not make the stop.

For parents of students in second grade or below: A parent, guardian, or other adult on the emergency contact list must be at the bus stop to pick up your child.

For more specific Bus Rules and Guidelines, please refer to the transportation section in the student handbook on the school website Please remember it is your responsibility to be aware of the Bus Rules and Guidelines.