This fall Bloomingdale Public Schools will be using a Learning Management System (LMS) called Schoology. Schoology is owned by PowerSchool which serves as the Student Information System (SIS) for all students and staff at Bloomingdale. Utilizing Schoology as the LMS for K-12 instruction will have huge benefits for our students and families as all remote and face-to-face instruction will be found in one location offering consistency for our students and parents at home and at school.

                Schoology is one of the top Learning Management Systems in the world and offers many features and tools to make remote learning more engaging and efficient for our students. Some of the many features include; built-in video conferencing, objective and standards tracking mastery for students and teachers, collaboration tools such as discussion boards and forums, and enhanced assessment tools that will help ensure students can be tested at home securely and accurately.

                Schoology comes with parent access where they can see the exact lessons that their children are responsible for as they are posted by the teacher. Finally teachers can submit grades in Schoology and it will automatically sync with their gradebooks in PowerSchool. This will allow students and parents only one location they need to navigate to in order to receive information on all their academic classes.

                Bloomingdale Public Schools is looking forward to a new and improved remote/hybrid learning platform for the 2020-2021 school year with Schoology.