Mrs. Jane Miller-Harris has been a staple at Pullman Elementary for 48 years, teaching multiple generations of students. Families have many fond memories of their time learning to read and write in Mrs. Miller’s class and continue to request her to be their children’s teacher. Mrs. Miller’s energy, passion, and love for her students will be missed by everyone. “We know that Mrs. Miller is very happy to retire, however, we will miss her energy and spirit that her presence brings into the building every day,” stated Melissa Corona, Principal.


Mr. Garry Visscher can remember every one of his students that he has taught over the past 28 years at Pullman Elementary. He enjoys teaching students and watching them make connections and understand challenging concepts. Mr. Visscher has decided to retire as well. “Mr. Visscher’s positive energy, encouragement, and his love for Pullman Elementary will be missed. Though I know that he is very happy to have more time with his family as a result of retiring.” stated Melissa Corona, Principal.