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Dear Bloomingdale High School Class of 2020,

I hope you are all staying healthy and are taking care of yourselves. This letter is to up-date you on some changes to the graduation ceremony and up-coming award ceremonies. It was really nice to see most all of you last Thursday as you picked up your caps & gowns, locker contents, band, art, and physical education materials. We have 13 senior students who still need to pick up your graduation caps and gowns.

We have a couple more virtual ceremonies scheduled for the Class of 2020.
• Thursday May 28th @ 7:00 is the Senior Awards Night. This is an invite only event for those students and parents who have earned Honor Awards, Department Awards, and Scholarships. Mrs. James will send a Google invite to you if you are one of these students.
• Thursday June 4th @ 7:00 is the Senior Mock Awards. This is for the entire Class of 2020 to virtually come together and have some fun with Mrs. James, HS teachers and Administrators as we award you and your classmates with the mock awards that you have voted on for each other.
Graduation Update
• Since Governor Whitmer has extended the stay-at-home order until May 28, 2020, we will not be able to do the stage walks for the virtual ceremony.
• Please contact Mr. Mike Douglas by email this week. Mr. Douglas will be meeting with each of you, at a determined location, to take your individual pictures/videos in your caps & gowns. (If you do not do this, you will not be in the virtual ceremony) Please don’t let this happen! This is also time sensitive so please contact Mr. Douglas this week.
• Mr. Bobalik & Mr. Becker will be streaming the diploma presentation and parade of cars which will take place after the virtual ceremony. The parade will include all the graduating students in the class of 2020 as you drive up to the school in your appropriately decorated cars. You will receive your diplomas from our School Board President, Mr. Tim Remington, and Superintendent of Bloomingdale Public Schools, Mrs. Deb Paquette, right outside the high school front entrance.
• Steve Schultz from Bloomingdale Communications will be streaming the graduation ceremony and the parade of seniors receiving their diplomas on Bloomingdale’s local TV station, Channel 12.
• If weather permits, we will also project the graduation ceremony and Facebook live stream of the parade of seniors receiving their diplomas on an inflatable screen in the park downtown.
• The parade of cars will begin promptly at 9:00pm at the east side of the mouth of the driveway leading up to the high school circle drive. The parade will also be escorted by the Bloomingdale Fire Department.

What we need from you…..
• Photos need to be emailed to Mr. Mike Douglas or you can drop off photos at the middle school (Strive entrance) on a Monday or the high school on a Thursday between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm. The deadline for this is Friday May 15, 2020.
• Mr. Douglas will need 4-6 photos of you from birth to now, including a senior picture or a picture from your senior year. It will be less stressful for Mr. Douglas if you get these to him sooner rather than later. He is working hard to make this a very special ceremony for you so he needs to be taken care of too. Please do your best to get these pictures to him soon.

The Bloomingdale High School Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2020 is going to be very unique. It will include all of the pomp and circumstance and traditions (and more) as previous Bloomingdale Graduation Ceremonies. We are already making new traditions for future years. For example…. the Senior Spotlights presented on all the district Facebook pages. We are already planning to do this in future years. A reminder to make sure Korina Benavidez receives your picture and information so we can post Cardinal Senior Spotlights for the entire class of 2020. We want all members of the Bloomingdale Class of 2020 represented in this project. A huge shout out to Korina for taking the initiative to bring this project to life. Thank-you Korina!

We miss each and every one of you and are working hard to make the end of your senior year rite of passage memorable for you! See you soon.

Go Cardinals,

Ms. Mary Spade