I’m excited to share that our Superintendent, Deb Paquette, has been nominated for Superintendent of the Year!  The results should be released this fall.  Deb has led our district from struggling with being on the State’s list of poorly performing schools to being one of the State’s “poster child” schools for implementing numerous positive changes and improving academic success.  Also, while keeping the education of our students as her top priority, Deb has been able to increase our fund balances to the minimum levels recommended by our independent auditors.

Deb joined Bloomingdale Public Schools in 1998 as the Principal of Bloomingdale Elementary.  She was a wonderful addition to our district’s administrative team and in leading her building staff.  During her years as Principal, Deb proved herself to our Board of Education as a trustworthy leader with integrity and a big heart for students.  She unanimously was our Board’s first choice to fill our vacant Superintendent position in 2010.

Leaders like Deb can’t be successful without surrounding themselves with good people.  Our district is very fortunate to have a team of selfless administrators and directors leading us through the educational uncertainties we’re facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The bright spots in our district don’t stop there though.  We also are blessed with a wonderful team of dedicated and caring teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals, office staff, bus drivers, mechanics, maintenance workers, custodians and food service workers!  It takes our entire team working together to bring our slogan to life:  “Empowering students to maximize their potential.”  Here’s a big THANK YOU to all of you for being our Education Heroes!


Tim Remington, President

Bloomingdale Public Schools Board of Education