Bloomingdale Families, 

Act of God/Inclement Weather Days

As you may have seen on the news, there has been an increase in COVID-19 cases in Van Buren County. As a district, we have already used two of our six Act of God/Inclement Weather days. One due to a power outage and another due to a staff shortage. We do not know what this winter is going to look like and we want to do our very best to be in school as much as possible. 


We would like to strongly recommend all students wear a mask while they are at school at least until Thanksgiving Break and possibly until Winter Break, depending on where we are as a district with our COVID numbers. Please remind your students that it is required to wear a mask on the school bus. 

In-Person Classes

Please remember, our goal is to have in-person learning and keep the schools open. By students wearing masks, it may help us in our effort to stay open. On Monday, we had staff shortages due to illness, quarantining, children/staff ill due to sickness not related to COVID, and other reasonable time off situations. 

COVID Protocols

At the school, we are increasing COVID-19 protocols to help lessen the spread while students are at school. All teachers have cleaning supplies in their classrooms. They are wiping down desks between classes. All buses are being cleaned each day. Classrooms are being sprayed down while the students are at lunch and after school each day. We have a bathroom cleaning schedule as well. We are doing our best to space out students within the classrooms and asking that students sit with the same group of students during lunch. Door handles and light switches are also being cleaned. Hand sanitizer is available throughout all school buildings for student/staff use.


It is required if a student test positive that they self-isolate for 10 days and notify the school office immediately so that we can contact trace. This will allow us to notify other individuals who may be impacted. 

It is strongly recommended that if you have a household member who tests positive for COVID-19 that you quarantine any and all unvaccinated family members for 10 days to help limit the spread. It is recommended that you test on day 3-5 if you have been exposed. 


If you need COVID-19 Testing, you can pick up a rapid test at most pharmacies, and/or contact your doctor for more information and/or enter “COVID testing” on your smartphone it will pop up testing locations. 

Daily Screening Questionnaire

Before sending your students to school each day screen them to make sure they are not sick. The Daily Screening Questionnaire does not need to be turned in.

Please do not send students to school how have been sick or running a fever. If you are concerned that you or a family member might have been exposed or be positive for COVID-19, please get tested. Please do not send students to school if you are waiting for test results.


If you/your child(ren) are interested in getting a COVID vaccine please contact the Van Buren Health Department and/or your nearest pharmacy for more information. (Walmart, Target, and Meijer also offer the vaccine without an appointment). 

Need Substitutes

We are in need of substitutes. If you have 60 college credits and you would like to substitute for the district please contact Anita. 

New Athletic Director

I would like to welcome our new athletic director, Jason Hayes. Jason has experience in teaching, coaching, and athletic administration. Jason comes highly recommended by all of his supervisors. He is coming to us from Comstock HS where in his first year as their football coach, broke a 40 game losing streak which stretched out over six seasons. As Comstock’s Head Wrestling Coach, Comstock won the first two Conference Championships in the program’s history as well as earned the team’s only All-State Team Academic Award in 2020. Jason has a Bachelors’ Degree from WMU in Physical Education and Secondary English and a Masters’ Degree in Sports Studies and Athletic Administration from Southeastern Oklahoma University.

Athletics Google Calendars on the Website

If you want to know when the athletic events are taking place, please visit our athletic page. You can click on the google calendar for each athletic event. Once on the athletic page, choose Winter in the top right and the sport you are interested in knowing more about. 

Thank you!

I would like to thank all of you for your understanding and patience during this time. We are doing our best to notify all parents when exposure has taken place. Again, it is very important that you let us know immediately if your student tests positive for COVID. Again, our goal is to stay open and to serve our students! Thank you for your continued support!


Dr. Deanna Dobbins, Ed.D.

Bloomingdale Superintendent